Articles by Jon Schwartz

2. Marlin Magazine
"Fishing for Shortnose Spearfish
with Hawaii's Top Captains"
8. Sport Fishing Magazine
"Fishing for Marlin in Panama

at Tropic Star Lodge"
3. Pacific Coast Sportfishing
"Hawaii's HIBT: Legendary
Fishing Tournament"
9. Pacific Coast Sportfishing
 "Fishing for Sailfish in Guatemala at Casa Vieja Lodge"
4. Destination Fish Magazine
"Fishing Costa Rica at Crocodile
Bay Lodge"

10. Sport Fishing Magazine
"Big Water, Small Boat
11. Western Outdoor News
"Cabo San Lucas: Sport Fishing and Traveling Paradise"
6. Official Guide to Billfishing
"Panama Travel and Fishing"
12. Giant Swarming Squid
"Giant Schools of Swarming Squid Surround Fishing Photographer"

13. Pacific Coast Sportfishing
"The Last Angler in The World"